Responsibility Sign Ups

Just a quick reminder: we'll be signing up for the responsibilities (i.e. positions/committees) at tomorrow's meeting. Here's the list:

Planning Committee (creating each week’s agenda)
Flier Czar (coordinating fliering)
Meeting Note-taking
Graphic Design
Media Coordination
UC bureaucracy (file necessary paperwork, stay up on UC procedure and regulation, etc.)
Outreach (Campus and Community organizations)
Blog moderation
E-mail moderation
Financial moderation

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TakingTigerMountainByStrategy said...

Thanks for Updating the BlogSite. The Baby Blue is dazzling.

Could you make one addition to the events section. The name of the film that will be showed with "Operation Abolition" is called "Committee on UnAmerican Activities" by Robert Carl Cohen, and the date is September 20th 2007.