Peoples Park Peace Rally

Dear friends,                                        Please Forward Widely


needs your help and the help of all student organizations.


Berkeley students have always been in the lead in fighting unjust
wars.   At Saturday's rally you can help in two ways.

    1.     Set up a table for your organization.  
    2.     Join us within at least one of our small group
         DISCUSSION AND ACTION CIRCLES, at about 3:40 PM
         especially the Circle on:
              Campus Organizing.   UC & elsewhere.

         In these circles people will discuss how to organize and work for
         peace; and we hope that many people will decide to continue
         working together.  
         We hope that your organization will want to tell the Circle about
         your activities and that people may want to join you in your
         projects.   The Circle may also decide that it wants to meet again
         for further planning.

Here is a list of the discussions we are planning at about 3:40.

1.   Organizing for demonstrations and actions
      Iraq Moratorium (3rd Fridays, Sept 21) and others.         

2.    Research, Publicity and Media.   Get together to prepare articles,     
      letters to the editors, talk radio and TV.

3.    Outreach to Military and Veterans.   Counter-Recruiting.
      Support Returning Vets/

4.    Campus Organizing.   UC & elsewhere.

5.    Congressional and Electoral Action, and Impeachment.
      (Impeachment may want to be separate.)

6.     Religious and Spiritual Contributions to the peace movement.
       With churches and faith and spiritual groups.

7.     Mediation & Non-Violent Conflict Resolution.

8.    Neighborhood Food and Gardens.   Permaculture.   Neighborhood     

9.    Transportation & Sustainable Energy to End the War.

10.   Homelessness and Poverty. 

11.       Supporting & Organizing in Diverse Communities.
       And Peace Making Projects in our City Streets.
       Hope to discuss such projects as"Oakland Parks for Peace,"
       "Silence the Violence," and other community organizing efforts.

Other Circles may be formed from the stage if three people stand up for them.

Speakers at the rally will include:

    Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers);   David Hilliard (Black Panthers);  
    Michael Lerner (Tikkun);   Barbara Lubin (Middle East Childrens
    Alliance);   Kriss Worthington & Dona Spring (Berkeley
    City Council);   and speakers from the "Iraq Moratorium";   
    "War & Katrina";   "Veterans for Peace";  "Impeach Bush Cheney;"
    "Not in our Name;"   and  "Committee to Minimize Toxic Waste."
and music by the:

    Funky Nixons;    All My Pretty Ones;    Beatbeat Whisper;
    Steven Strauss;    Will Scarlett

If you would like to help with our DISCUSSION and ACTION CIRCLES,
(either with your knowledge or by helping to facilitate), or with any other
aspect of the rally, please contact us, by email or phone.

And please, tell your friends.  

A majority of Americans and Iraqis want a rapid timetable for withdrawal.  
It is up to us to get organizied to make it happen.

    Yours in Peace and Solidarity,
    Laurence Schechtman      510-540-1975
    for the Peoples Park Peace Rally

PS     If you want to see the poll on Iraqi opinion of the "surge,"
    take a look at:
    (One finding:   57% think it's OK to attack foreign forces.)

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