Oak Grove Tree-Sit 1-Year Anniversary Birthday Party

"OAK GROVE TREE-SIT 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY BIRTHDAY PARTY Sunday, December 2nd, noon - 6pm, rain or shine

The Tree-Sit at Memorial Oak Grove is the longest urban tree-sit
protest in U.S. History. Visit the grove on Sunday to mark this
historic event.

The Save The Berkeley Oaks Community sent out this announcement: "Come celebrate when the Oak Grove Tree-Sit Turns One! There will be food, art, music, entertainment, an ice cream truck, and the community... Absolutely Free & Forever Wild!"

PLUS The Berkeley Grandmothers for the Oaks sent out this announcement: "Hello oaks supporters, please bring food and water to the Oak Grove on Sunday, December 2nd at 2pm.

Food and water are basic human rights! Please bring non-perishable food, mostly vegan, and water should be in 1 to 5 gallon jugs, preferably with handles and lids."

Peace and love,
Friends of the Oak Grove "

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