For Those Interested in Volunteering to Help Clean Up The San Francisco Bay Oil Spill

For Those who Haven't heard, we have had a pretty massive oil spill in the San Francisco Bay. The purpose of this post is to direct those who are interested in helping clean up the spill to the agency facilitating the clean up effort. If you would like to volunteer, go to this website first.

Below is the specific information from this website, on who to contact, how to contact them, and when to contact. All the info below comes from the Oiled Wildlife Care Network.

If you want to volunteer:
Monday, noon: We are now ready to accept offers to volunteer. Please call (800) 228-4544 to volunteer.
If you see oiled wildlife: Don't approach or pick it up, but call (415) 701-2311 to report it. Please do not call this number about volunteering.
If you are from the media: please contact Sylvia Wright at the UC Davis News Service, or call (530) 752-7704. OWCN's media page is here; latest press release is here.
If you would like to make a donation:
please email

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